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About this Project

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Journey to Gao is a pioneering effort by a handful of creators in search of a new medium for presenting art, story, voice, and music. We’ve pooled our talents for an old-fashioned romantic adventure with our own dash of magic as well as elements from Arabian Nights, Cinderella, and the Shangri-la myth.

Voice Artists

Li Shanxue/King Dahu
Cherize Dodd/Nicolette Litton
Stephenson Harper/John Echeverry
Commander Ying and The West Mountain Commander
The Trail-Dwellers
May Ling/Ming-na
Shuang Ting/Sha-sha
General Dai
Lord Kang
The West Mountain Guide
West Mountain Soldiers

The Narrator
Other Voices

Danny Woo and Tony Chen
Christie Cate
John Parsons and Zhenyu Tan
Xu Peixian
Aaron Miner
Wendy Wang
Dianna Hua Chung
Tony Chen
Zhenyu Tan
Nana Wang
David Liu
Haining Luan
Tony Chen
Danny Woo
Echo Shen
Ross Geraci

Artists and Services


Art Direction

Layout Design

Final Line

Additional Line



Prep and Finessing




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