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What about a really new twist on a Disney princess?

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Disney ditched its passive heroines with The Little Mermaid and hasn’t looked back. Now Hollywood is awash in feisty, independent heroines, and even the actresses who play them are sick of them. What if we ditched this latest trope, and revisited the passive princess of yore? What if we brought her into the real world and squarely held her to account for her neurotic satisfaction with life as a doormat? (Cinderella, I’m looking at you.)

What if she’s already so rich that marrying into money won’t solve her problem?

What if the Handsome Prince wants a partner, not a trophy?

What if princess needs a job, but she hasn’t updated her résumé since she was born?

对迪斯尼公主进行真正的 新变化呢?






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